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If you want the following features, you should purchase a Wavlink AC1200 Extender and link your Arlo camera to it: You can choose where and how to put it without having to worry about WIFI connectivity concerns. In addition, the Wavlink AC1200 Extender setup How to Connect Arlo Camera to Wavlink AC1200 extender serves as a single connection between devices and connects to the router through WiFi.

Before starting with the procedure of connecting an Arlo camera to the WiFi extender, make sure the Ethernet port on the WiFi extender is active. You may not be able to get either of the device’s desired effects or outputs if you don’t have it.

Instructions for connecting the Arlo camera to the Wavlink AC1200 extender

Arlo base station Ethernet cable

Following a sequence of steps, you should proceed with the following procedure:

  • Connect the included WiFi range extender to the WiFi network with caution. Start the task by following the user manual’s directions.
  • Decide where you want the Wavlink AC1200 Extender setup and the Arlo camera to go after you’ve decided where the Wavlink AC120 Extender setup and the Arlo camera will go.
  • Wait for the Arlo Camera to establish a connection with the WIFI extension after turning it on. Open the Arlo app and test it to ensure that the linked devices are working properly.
  • The preceding approach can only be used to link Arlo Q cameras to the WiFi extender. A base station and a WiFi extender are also required for the Arlo cameras.
  • It’s also worth noting that the same restriction applies when connecting an Arlo base station to a WiFi extender.
  • Connect the WiFi extender to your existing WiFi network and turn it on. Set up the equipment according to the installation instructions that came with it.
  • Check to ensure if the Arlo camera is linked to the base station via Ethernet cable and if the base station has an Ethernet connection.
  • Establish a connection between the Arlo base station and the WiFi range extender using an Ethernet wire.

Wait for the Power LED and the Internet LED on the front panel to blink green after pressing the Power button on the base station for two minutes. Checking for connections in the app and attempting to use it for the first time should be part of the first pass.

Arlo Cameras and Wi-Fi Extender Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Does the Arlo Pro 2 camera come with a WiFi extender?

Due to the requirement of a base station, you cannot connect your Arlo Pro 2 camera directly to a WiFi extender at your home or office. Please refer to the procedures and directions listed above for more information.

Q.What is the maximum range of the Arlo camera from the base station?

When positioning the Arlo wire-free cameras, you must consider the distance factor. The cameras can be set up to 300 feet (90 metres) distant from the Hub or Base Station when utilising a SmartHub or base station.

If there is an impediment between the base station and the camera (such as walls, ceilings, or treetops), the range will be reduced.

Q. Do I also have to link my Arlo camera to my WiFi router?

There is no need to build a separate connection between the router and the Arlo camera if your WiFi router is already linked to an extender.

  • An Arlo Q Wi-Fi extender must be put into the same outlet as the router in order to act as a bridge between the camera and the network. The same restriction applies if you connect the base station to a WiFi extender rather than a WiFi router.
  • Is it possible to link the Arlo camera and the WiFi extender using an Ethernet wire instead of a standard cable?
  • To connect an Arlo camera to a WiFi extender, you’ll need an Ethernet cable. This is because, during the initial setup phase, the Arlo cameras use a unique, proprietary connection technique that is not supported by any other technology.
  • All you have to do now is connect the Arlo camera to the WiFi extension.
  • Using a Wi-Fi extension with an Arlo Q device is a quick and straightforward operation. Simply purchase a high-quality Ethernet cable and follow the steps outlined above.
  • If you want to utilise a different Arlo camera, make sure you attach it to the base station first. Check to see if you can reconnect if the devices aren’t working.

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