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We all know that there are plethora collections of shampoos available in the market to deal with the colored hair. What will do if you wanted to treat dandruff on the colored hair? the dandruff treating shampoo contains the chemicals that helps to deal with the fungal infection, but that seems not to work with the colored hair as it might reduces or clear the balayage. 

If you are unsure of where to start and look into the thing to consider shampoo that retain the color on the hair and remove the dandruff? Then you are in the right place. The dandruff shampoos contains harsh chemicals that helps to treat the fungal infection 

Here in this article we discuss some of the tips of how to choose the best anti dandruff shampoo for colored hair that helps to lock the color on the hair by eliminating the dandruff on the scalp:

Choose the shampoo with zinc pyrithione

Before buying the shampoo ensure it contains the common ingredient such as zinc pyrithione that reduces the dandruff on the scalp. This compound contains the anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties, thus works best to clear dandruff on the scalp and also assists in locking the color of the hair. 

Check if the shampoo has the active ingredients 

Another tip to choose the anti dandruff shampoo for colored hair is to look for active ingredients such as charcoal, any kind of coconut oil, or exfoliating ingredients which help to remove the dead cells from the scalp there by reducing the scaly appearance. These active ingredients helps to treat dandruff and are gentle over the colored hair as well.

Pick the shampoos that are sulfate-free

Another important factor to consider before choosing the shampoo is to look for the sulfate free shampoo as you can rest assures that the shampoo is suitable for colored hair and assists in treating dandruff as well. The shampoo will be gentle and assists in removing the flakes gently from the scalp without disturbing the balayage. 

Select the coal tar free shampoo for treating dandruff and colored hair 

The shampoo that are coal and tar free will best for treating the dandruff and also safe for colored hair. The shampoo has plant extracts that removes the dandruff gently form the scalp and also assists to lock the color on the hair. 

Look for some color safe anti dandruff shampoos

Here is another final tip to treat the two different solutions is to look for the color safe anti dandruff shampoos that are in the market. These will have ingredients to reduce the dandruff and calm the irritation, itching and redness on the scalp. Furthermore, as there wont be harsh chemicals, these are safe to use on the colored hair as well. 


When you have dandruff on the oily hair it is quite challenging to treat. But you don’t have to panic. With the above tips you can choose the right shampoo that can give you perfect solution to treat the dandruff on the colored hair and so you don’t have to lock the hair up with your beautiful balayage and leave it free falling to attract everyone around you. 

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